Week 2

Aanand M -

Hi everyone! I’ll provide a brief explanation of how I will be conducting my study. A month ago, I invited families who regularly go to GiGi’s Playhouse to participate in this study. My study consists of each child driving their car for 20 minutes per day, once a week, for 6 weeks. Simultaneously, I will be using Dimensions of Mastery Questionnaire-18 (DMQ-18) to measure my quantitative data. The DMQ-18 measures 7 scales, ranging from object persistence (“Works for a long time trying to do something challenging”) to gross motor persistence (“Tried to do well in physical activities even when they are challenging (or difficult).” In other words, it measures the various components of independent mastery motivation (“a psychological force that stimulates an individual to attempt independently to solve a moderately challenging task”). Additionally, I am also surveying each parent regarding their perceptions of their child driving the ride-on car, aiming to cultivate qualitative themes surrounding this study. I will be administering the DMQ-18 and the Parent Survey on Weeks 1 and 6 (while kids still drive from Weeks 2-5), aiming to measure the longitudinal change in independent mastery motivation as a result of driving adapted ride-on cars.

For this, I began my data collection period on February 7. For the first time, I met with the 4 families participating in my study. After obtaining informed consent and clearing any misconceptions regarding the study, we were underway! Week 1 was rigorous, as it consisted of obtaining consent, as well as the DMQ-18, the Parent Survey, and kids driving their cars. I’ll return to GiGi’s Playhouse today for Week 2 as I continue my study!

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    Hi Aanand! I am very intrigued by this study, especially as you are able to connect it to Magical Motors. Is the DMQ-18 a questionnaire that will be administered to the parents or GiGi's Playhouse staff or would you be basing it off of your observations? Would you also be observing the kids in order to collect some qualitative data?
    Hi Natania - thank you so much! Yes the DMQ-18 is a questionnaire that the parents will be answering, because they have a longitudinal perspective of their child's tendencies. And yes, the parents and I are also observing the kids while they are driving, to gather the parents and children's reactions to improving motor and social skills.
    Alana Rothschild
    Hi Aanand- This project is so interesting and important. Would you be able to attach a picture of the car??? It would be so helpful to have that visual. Keep up the good work!

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