Week 1

Nithya S -

Hi guys! This week has been so exciting. On Monday, I met with one of my advisors Christina We went over scheduling for meetings and she gave me dates for outreach events I can attend. We would be setting up booths at these events and giving educating them on certain reproductive and sexual health matters. 

On Tuesday, I met with advisor Beheir who is in charge of the ACM (Adolescent Champion Model). The ACM is an initiative to make healthcare centers more youth-friendly. What my part will be is organizing some of the files to make them more accessible, attend some of their meetings with the recruitee, and even possibly approach some centers to recruit them for this initiative. I also met with my other advisor Paula. She is in Program Manager and handles a lot of Title X matters. We talked about how I can attend some of their staff and delegate meetings to better inform myself and observe. I will also be helping her review pamphlets that get distributed to their health centers to make sure they are easy to read and understand. She said she really appreciates the point of view from a teenager in reviewing these. She also talked more about the delegates conference I aforementioned in my introduction.

As for my own research, I have been intensely researching Title X to better understand it before I fully begin my journey at Affirm. I will also be rereading and annotating the sources from my bibliography to pull specific information as I begin to structure my investigative report. Stay tuned for next week!




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    Hey Nithya! It looks like you've been very busy this week. How do you plan on managing working with all 3 advisors who've given you different activities? What perspective do you think you bring as a teenager?
    Hi Sowmithra! Thanks for your questions! I think I’ll be able to handle these tasks just fine because I will mainly be doing them remotely on my own time, but I will also be meeting with my advisors and have them as a support network if I have any questions or concerns. Also, one of the things apart of my contact with Affirm is that I’m not allowed to work more than 18 hours a week, so I definitely won’t be overworking myself. As for the pamphlet review, Paula expressed how she thinks bringing in the perspective of a teenager can make the information more easily understandable to the youth by making it readable and explaining things people our age might not know of.
    Ayushi Yadav
    Hey Nithya! It's clear that you're going to be highly involved with your work at Affirm. How do you plan on connecting the work that you do and your personal research regarding Title X?
    Hey Nithya, did you have any tasks or responsibilities you specifically wanted to take on when you first started volunteering at Affirm, such as any personal projects? If so, how have you been combining your interests with your existing organizational roles?

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