Trial of the Fittest

Yajat G -

Hello Readers,

As my research project begins, I have been working on looking up information virtually. I have been using and filing information from each clinical trial under the filters: Spine Disease, Adult and Older Adult, and United States. There are 191 clinical trials that I need to file information from onto a spreadsheet, where my site advisor will work to find sponsors. Finding the information from the website is simple, with a simple plug-and-chug method. Each clinical trial takes only about 5 minutes, but with 180 clinical trials remaining, the work seems endless. The process of setting up clinical trials comes from the collection of data, especially for smaller groups who don’t have prior connections to big sponsors. I wish that finding sponsors was a quick and easy task, but just like it is finding an internship without prior connections, finding sponsors is just as difficult, if not more, because of the financial backing needed for clinical trials. Thankfully, my project is currently virtual, so I can work on the spreadsheet during the free time I have during the day. Starting next week, I will be doing more intensive work to complete the analysis of the clinical trials. The goal is to complete analyzing all the clinical trials by March, and hopefully, we can start to set up trials successfully by obtaining a sponsor. So far, though, I still have a long way to go by analyzing 191 clinical trials as soon as I can. If we find a sponsor interested, I may be able to help with conferences or pitches to confirm the sponsor, which I am very excited about. I will be back next week. Hopefully, I am either done or even close to finishing the list of clinical trials.

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    Hi Yajat, your project looks very interesting so I hope you don't get swamped by all this work and are ready to give us a presentation in May!

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