Too Many Golf Courses

Vedika P -

Hello, My name is Vedika Patel and I am a senior at BASIS Phoenix High School. In College I plan on majoring in Biology and minoring in Finance. For my Senior Project, I am researching the amount of drought interest between Phoenix and Tuscon residents through the online internet tool google trends. This research will be done by comparing the graphs between the temperature and precipitation graphs and overlapping them with the google trends graphs using search terms such as drought, precipitation, and water conservation. 

As a Arizona Resident my whole life, it was always interesting to see the lack of interest in my community regarding the drought and water conservation. I passed by countless green golf courses on my way to school and had shocking conversations with my peers at my school who did not even know the drought was present in Arizona. Additionally, as our global temperatures fluctuate there is an increased likelihood of natural disasters like the drought affecting more communities. This ultimately led to me examining the awareness and interest level of the drought in Phoenix and comparing it to the more water conservative city of Tuscon. 

My site placement at AANHPI for equity will help me understand how to promote water conservation efforts and drought awareness in Arizona which is an integral part of my research.  

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    Hi Vedika! The use of google trends is such a unique and innovative way to conduct your research. It's surprising to hear about the lack of awareness regarding water conservation, especially in the desert. I can't wait to see what your findings are. Good Luck!

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