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Dishita K -

Hello Everyone!

This week when I went in for my internship we played different versions of Tenzi again. There was the standard version where we roll ten dice until we get the same number on all the dice. Then there was a variation where we roll two dice at a time until we get a pair and keep going like this until we have five pairs. Another one was rolling all ten dice and playing normal Tenzi but either stacking the dice afterward or building a pyramid with them. The children seemed to really enjoy this game since it has proved to be a favorite of theirs every week. 

I again called one of the independent behavioral health centers and they tried to connect me with someone who might be able to help me specifically but unfortunately, the person was not available. I left a voicemail so I’m hoping they will be able to reach out soon. I will also try my best to contact again the other locations I tried to contact a while ago. I still have two responses to my survey from Banner Thunderbird, but I’m hoping I get other responses soon as well. 


Thank you,

   Dishita Kolla

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    Hi Dishita, sorry to hear that your responses have been limited. I wonder if there is a possibility to reach out folks in other cities? I am also interested in how you think these games relate to any therapeutic goals?
    Brittany Holtzman
    Hi Dishita! Like we talked about in our meeting this week, have your on-site mentor reach out for you so that you get better responses. Also, I'll be sending you some articles shortly to read through. Have a great weekend! -Mrs. Holtzman
    Dishita Kolla
    Hi Mrs. Bennett, Thank you for your suggestion, I am looking into places out of Phoenix. The games help teach the kids skills such as working in a group, patience, and how to control your emotions.
    Dishita Kolla
    Hi Mrs. Holtzman, I have reached out to my on site mentor and she will be sending out a reminder. Thank you for your help in finding articles!

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