Taking the plunge: My first week as a pediatric behavioral health intern

Dishita K -

Hello Everyone!
This week I started my internship at the pediatric in patient behavioral health department of Banner Thunderbird. Before going in, I had so many questions, I was not very sure exactly what I would be doing in there. Previously when I had a meeting with the Director of Behavioral Health Department, I was told my work would entail helping out at the group sessions that the children have. But I had never observed any of the group sessions prior to my first day so I had no idea what they looked like or exactly what kind of help they needed. I also was very curious if I would be allowed to work with the kids directly during these group sessions or if I would be observing. I personally felt it was interesting to see all these sessions which I read about in person, I was curious to see their effect. It was very nice to work with the children. I was amazed by the patience and thoroughness of the case managers that I imagine only comes with years of experience. This week, I am also focusing on finishing the edits to my survey and formatting it as a google form so I can send it over to the Child Life Specialist at Banner Thunderbird. I also plan to reach out to other branches of Banner to request their pediatric behavioral health staff to complete my survey as well. I feel this is necessary since the department at Banner Thunderbird is very small and therefore has very few staff members

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