Surveys and Uno with a Twist

Dishita K -

Hello Everyone!

This week I sent my survey over to my on-site mentor and I am hoping that I get some responses by next week. I also talked with my on-site mentor regarding reaching out to other branches of Banner as well to request the staff there to complete the survey. Unfortunately, she let me know that not a lot of branches of Banner have in-patient pediatric behavioral health departments. As a result, I’m investigating alternative locations, such as Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I have also contacted the Director and Assistant Director of Behavioral Health at Banner Thunderbird to see if they might have other contacts in the few other Banner locations that do have a behavioral health department. 

I met a lot of new kids when I went in for my internship yesterday, and I really enjoyed playing Uno and making bracelets with them. They taught me a new way to play Uno which I have never heard of and I have to say I definitely enjoy their way more. Essentially, there is this machine that you put all of the cards into and when you don’t have a card to put down while playing, you push a button and the machine will either spit a number of cards out or just make a noise. You won’t receive any more cards if it only makes a noise; however, if the machine spits out several cards, you’ll need to take them all. Additionally if you get a draw two or four card, instead of taking two or four cards you push the button two or four times and this increases the chance of getting a bunch of cards. In the end, it was a lot of fun, especially the group’s collective anticipation as someone pressed the button to see if the machine would fling a number of cards at them. 


Thank you,

   Dishita Kolla

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    Ms. Bennett
    Hi Dishita, I'm excited to hear that your survey has been sent out! What do you think is the benefit of playing games with kiddos in a therapeutic setting? Do you think the patients learn any specific skill through their engagement?
    Brittany Holtzman
    Hi Dishita! Sorry for the late response on this one. I do hope that the other facilities will get back to you and be able to help increase your sample size.

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