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Dishita K -

Hello Everyone!

This week I received the first response to my survey. I’m hoping there will be at least one more by the end of the week. The Director of Behavioral Health at Banner Thunderbird let me know that there is only one other Banner Behavioral Health and gave me the contact. I have reached out to them and am awaiting their response. There is also another department in Banner Thunderbird which my on-site mentor said I might be able to distribute my survey in, so I am also looking into that.

When I went in for my internship, I again got to meet many new kids as well as some that I know from last week. For the group session this time, there were not two but three activities to choose from including coloring suncatchers, drawing, and playing Tenzi. I made a suncatcher with the kids and it was really interesting to see how each of theirs turned out differently, showcasing their unique characters. We also played a game of Tenzi in which the objective of the game is to roll your dice until they are all the same number. There are so many variations of this game making the game more interesting. Time completely flew by as we kept playing and making arts and crafts.

Thank you,

    Dishita Kolla 


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    Hi Dishi! It's super exciting that you're getting responses to your survey. How are you planning on analyzing your survey data?
    Hi Dishita! It's good to hear that you are getting responses to your survey. What has been your favorite memory in your internship so far?
    Brittany Holtzman
    Hi Dishita! How do you think these activities help the kids with their behavioral and mental issues? Also, how do you think having the choice in activities affects them? -Mrs. Holtzman

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