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Hello Everyone!

This week I wanted to take a break from background research and share my plans going forward.

I have recently met with Mrs. Bennett and engaged in extremely helpful peer discussions about my next steps. I have decided that my final project will be a lit review summarizing all of the intriguing research I’ve been reading and annotating. This will be a thematic lit review since all of the articles and sources I will be utilizing tie together muscle memory and dance in some way. I will also follow the guidelines of more of a scientific lit review rather than one tailored to the humanities since many of my sources explore the physiology of muscles and dancing, and even reference past experiments done to determine dance’s effect on the brain. 

As the teaching and observation weeks draws closer, I’m planning to distribute my consent forms next week to my dance studio respondents as well as the new addition: K-pop club! The club will serve as my group of dancers with less experience, as opposed to the group at the studio, who have all had at least 2 years of professional dance training and practice regularly. The choreography and data collection methods however will remain the same. I will most likely be handing out the club consent forms this Friday. 

I’d also like to share my methods of data collection. I’m thinking of doing a confidence-to-accuracy cross referencing situation, where the dancers themselves are able to rate how well they think they’re absorbing the moves, and after how many repetitions they think their muscle memory is beginning to activate. In addition, I’ll also be grading them on accuracy so that factor can be taken into consideration as well. 

I unfortunately haven’t been able to work on practicing the dance as much as I’d like to since I’ve been getting over being sick the past 2 weeks, but I am recovered now and ready to jump back in. 


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    Hey Rhea! I am so glad that you are advancing a bit more into your senior project. Can you please explain hor you are going to create the confidence-to-accuracy cross? Will you be creating a scale that measures the dancer's confidence or will it be a survey?
    Hi Rhea, so interesting. I too would love to hear more about the tools you will use to collect your data. How will you determine accuracy? Are there any other researchers out there doing similar experiments who may have a tested tool?

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