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Hello and welcome back! I’ve been a little sick lately, so this past week was a lot of me binging Todd Coburn’s series of video lectures on composites and researching GO dispersion methods. Since there’s still a lot I don’t know, I’m trying to prepare as much as possible for once I start my analysis. Today, I met with my advisors to discuss plans for starting my work at ERAU. 

As a first step, I will make a control group of composites without any GO. This way, I will have a baseline for comparison when I start using GO, and I will learn the process of making composites. Dr. Lestari will show me how to make the composites, and the technician at the machine shop will also be available. I’m heading up to ERAU on Thursday to do a safety briefing at the machine shop. While I’m there, I will also look at what equipment is available so I can plan how I want to make the rest of the composites. Right now, our main concern is mixing the GO with the epoxy. I’ll have to get creative with my approach because we don’t have equipment like a sonicator or centrifugal mixer. However, there is some other equipment I can try. If the equipment doesn’t work, I might just try a blender. After all, ACT used a plastic fork on a drill.

For now, I’m just going to focus on getting that first batch of composites tested. I can worry about dried up aqueous GO solution and improvised mixing equipment later. 

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    Hi Nick! It sounds like you are making progress despite getting sick. Can you expand on your reference about ACT and a plastic fork on a drill? I am not familiar with that one :)
    Hey Nick! This is very cool. I am excited to see results from your onsite testing!
    Hi Ms. Bennett! To mix the graphene with the epoxy, ACT attached a fork to a drill and used it as a mixer. I will probably try something similar when I start mixing mixing the graphene.

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