Spreadsheet Mania Part 2.

Yajat G -

Hey Everyone, Welcome Back.

Over the last week, I have finally finished the first part of my spreadsheet. Now, I have the second part remaining. This part is slightly more complicated, but I know I can get it done quickly once I get the hang of it. I will answer some questions that were asked after the previous blog post. So, the data I am analyzing from the clinical trials from part 1 was identifying information like the trial name, ID, the dates it started, and when it ended. The second part of the data is going to be analyzing specifically what demographic groups were used in these clinical trials and also what sponsors were used for these clinical trials. Funding for clinical trials comes from sponsors who essentially facilitate grants and handle investor contributions. Still, with investments through sponsors, a concise and practical methodology is needed to receive this funding. Large hospitals usually have a collective fund for clinical trials from specific donors or parts of hospital profit. Still, smaller groups need to look for these sponsors and devise a concise method of administering the clinical trial to persuade the sponsor to invest. I am working on the demographics used in the clinical trials on Spine diseases in adults after 1994 because that is when minority groups and women were mandated to be included in most clinical trials, and in the clinical trials we want to set up, we want a sponsor who has been successful in having minority groups as part of their clinical trial. So, I plan to finish the second part of the spreadsheet for all 191 clinical trials in two weeks.

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    Moksha Dalal
    Hey Yajat! I am curious to know why minority groups and women were mandated to be in most clinical trials after 1994. Was there a law passed? This is very interesting research!
    Hi Yajat, I want to echo Moksha's question. The history of the ethical standards of clinical trials sounds like a fascinating piece of the puzzle.
    Alana Rothschild
    You must be a spreadsheet pro by now! Your dedication to gathering information is commendable. My son has participated in a few clinical trials, so I have a personal interest in your findings. Keep up the good work!

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