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Yajat G -

Hello Everyone,
I am back after a short break, but I have been keeping up the work on the spreadsheet with only a few sections remaining. My project advisor had made a code to find the information off the website and filter through the clinical trials, and although it did help a little, many of the sections remained blank due to inconsistencies on the clinical trials website that led to no response on the code. To address a question in my last blog post, there was a revision to clinical trial guidelines to increase the number of women and minority groups in clinical trials. According to NIH.gov, “In March 1994, NIH published revised guidelines based on Public Law 103-43 that took effect in September of that year. From that point on, NIH would not fund any grant, cooperative agreement, or contract or support any intramural project unless it complied with this policy…[Additionally] grantees must report on the sex, race, and ethnicity of the people who are enrolled in all clinical trials covered by the policy.” This led to many clinical trials incorporating women and minority groups as it was necessary for the funding they needed to continue. Back to the topic of the spreadsheet, once completed, I will assist my site advisor in analyzing the data, and we will continue our search to set up clinical trials in the area and our search for sponsors. I will finish the spreadsheet by Thursday night and start the following steps on Friday, which I am very excited about. Thanks for Reading, and see you all next week!


Citations: Quote about the new NIH guidelines: https://orwh.od.nih.gov/toolkit/recruitment/history#:~:text=In%20March%201994%2C%20NIH%20published,it%20complied%20with%20this%20policy.


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    Ms. Bennett
    Hi Yajat, it is so interesting that it was only just until 1994 that the revision to include women in minority groups was made. Have you learned about other ethical considerations when setting up a clinical trial?

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