Solar Panels

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This past week we focused on solar panels specifically as it is the most accessible form of renewable energy storage for the public. 

A solar panel is essentially a device that goes on the roof of a house or building that converts sunlight into energy. Solar panels can mean reduced electrical bills, a step further to reducing our carbon footprint, and higher real estate values. However, solar panels can also imply high installation costs and specific roof requirements.

According to the US Energy Administration 2020 Residential Energy Consumption Survey, only about 5% of residential energy came from renewable energy like solar.

Solar panels are an extremely beneficial way to reduce our carbon footprint and increase one’s home value. Economically and environmentally, solar panels are a great investment. 

However, not everyone approaches the costs of solar panels the same way because the upfront costs to install them are not cheap by any means and sometimes it’s not even a possibility because of the roof design.

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    Hi Moksha, this is really cool! Do you know if there are certain geographical areas that are more likely to have solar panels in most houses/residential communities?

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