Sixth Week: Survey End

Anirudh G -

Hello everyone! I closed the survey last week on Friday and ended with a total of 48 responses. I expected a lot more responses due to the large population size. I feel that filling out a paper consent form might’ve discouraged many students from participating. This week I did some more reading and started to analyze the survey results. The 2 free response questions on the survey were “If you have used an AI chatbot since the start of the school year but have used it for a different function than the ones listed above, What did you use the AI chat bot for?” and “Do you believe there are any ethical ways to use AI chatbots for academic purposes? If so, what are they?”. There were 18 responses for the 1st question and 34 questions for the 2nd question. To analyze the free response questions on the survey, I categorized these responses in order to find common themes among the responses. As for the linear scale problems where the students chose how likely they were to do something, I calculated the mean. I will go into more in-depth analysis next week.


That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading,


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    Hi Ani, sounds like some great work. Have you received any guidance from your mentors about analyzing the free responses?
    Aryan H. Nair (Adyas BF)
    Hey Ani, Do you believe that schools can implement Artificial Intelligence to improve students overall capacity
    Raghav Senthil Kumar
    Hey Ani, nice work on your project so far. Why did you decide to make it optional for respondents to respond to the free-response questions, noticing how only 18 students responded to the first one, but 34 responded to the second one?
    Hey Ani, will you research which type of AI will maximize the efficiency of your project? If you have already, then which one do you believe is the best?

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