Simulation Principles

Tyler H -

Hello there,


For this post I will be expanding the fundamental principles that form the basis for my scripts functioning. First of all, the primary function of the script is to determine the fuel and time requirements of different orbit raising and plane changing procedures, the goal is to use this to determine an effective means to perform re-entry and synchronization around mars.


The script works by recalculating position, velocity, and acceleration, after a certain time period or step size (say 1 second or so). The script will continue these calculations until it has determined the full 2 body orbit, from there it will report back the details of its angular momentum, apogee, and perigee and so on. And then perform a Hohmann transfer to a specified orbit shape.


Currently the simulation requires the addition of third dimension thrusts in order to perform plane changes and better visualization outputs that will help correct errors and speed up the progress of the scripts development as I learn more about the workings of Python and code development.

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    Hey Tyler! Your project looks excellent and is going on the right track. I wanted to ask, however, what are the fundamental principles that form the basis of your script?
    Hello Ishita, when I said principles I meant the ideas that I had for what the script would be able to do. Which is what this post is meant to outline.