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Colin K -

Hi everyone, to those who have been leaving comments on my first post, thank you very much. It is very encouraging to see how many people are interested in learning more about the retina and AMD and how they tie into my project. Throughout this week I have been working on setting up my project syllabus as well as finalizing my schedule with Dr. Welch on how I will analyze the survey results. With the syllabus now done I plan to start going through some more prior research and articles about AMD and just more general information about the retina so I can better answer any questions anyone might have about my project. 

On Thursday, thanks to my project I will be able to sit in on one of the weekly meetings at Associated Retina Consultants (ARC) and see how doctors approach necessary topics other than just their patients. After that is done I have another meeting with Dr. Welch to discuss more on how I will be helping him while doing my own research. Throughout the rest of this week, I will start analyzing the survey results and search for more articles to read. Also, I am planning to ask Dr. Welch to give me some more advice on how best to organize my data. As of right now, the thing I enjoy most about the senior project experience is being able to learn more about topics in the eye which I will then be able to present to everyone in May.

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    Hi Colin! This research will be super interesting to use in helping patients adhere to a treatment plan in the future. What kind of data will you be using for this study?
    Hi Colin, so cool that you get to really see the behind the scenes of a doctor's office. I'd love to hear if you find any useful sources, especially about factors impacting patient compliance with their treatment.
    Hi Priya, I will be gathering my data by surveying patients that go to ARC for injections to treat AMD.

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