Senior Trip and Sick

Colin K -

Hi everyone, this post is going to be shorter than normal due to the senior trip taking out the beginning of my week and being sick yesterday left me with only one day of work. While I didn’t have a lot of time to work this week, I was still productive with filling in surveys into my spreadsheet and interviewing some patients when I was able to. Luckily while I was gone, the tech staff who had been previously helping me to pass out surveys continued to gather more results for me so I managed to not completely lose out on a week of patients. One thing that I really have been enjoying throughout this project is how friendly and helpful all of the staff are whether they are showing me where I can properly find information or helping me to interview patients, they consistently make the office enjoyable with their playful banter between each other and the doctors.

Throughout the following week I plan to continue to interview some patients to get more survey results though I am quickly running out of space to store the surveys and consent forms in the drawer. I also will try to get in extra hours during this coming week and spring break to make up for any missed time this week.

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    Hi Colin! I'm glad to see you being honest about how actual life can get in the way of research! I look forward to seeing your progress over the next few weeks.
    Thanks Priya! Right now I am still making up hours this week and plan to work more over spring break to catch up on any missing hours.

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