Senior Project Week 2!

Ishita U -

Hello everyone! I have accomplished a major milestone in my project this week which is completing the game menu. The game menu consists of a dark unsettling city background with a slight grey tint to give it more dimension. I have also created the game title which is SheFights. I went online and found a website called CoolText and used a font from there to make the game seem more personal and unique. Lastly, I added the play button. This was the hardest part when building the menu. I had to go to the UI part of Unity and write code to make sure the play button was taking the users to the game scene.

I also found the characters and other animations I will be using in my game. The characters are mainly a girl and a man. The man will be attacking the girl and the girl must figure out how to defend herself. I am still trying to figure out how to make this game more interactive because it is a 2D game so my options are quite limited. I have decided on adding a timer to whenever the two options pop up for around 3 seconds. I wouldn’t say this would make the game interactive, however, what it does is, it adds to a real situation like when you are under danger, you don’t have much time to think of what to do so the three seconds allow for the feeling.

For this week and next week, I will be working on the storyboard for the actual game, like the options for the defense and how it should overall playout. Thank you so much for reading and please feel free to ask any questions about my project!

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    This is very exciting! Great progress. I'm curious about the options that players have when making a choice. What sorts of options will be available? And how will the player of the game be guided to knowing which choice to make?
    Hi Ishita! I love hearing that your project is taking shape. It'd be great to see some pictures of your back drop.
    Hey Ms. Wake! Sorry for the late reply. The options will be of the self-defense form. The players will be given a visual which are the characters that will guide them in which technique will help. I hope that helps!
    Thank you so much! I will be adding a picture of a backdrop in the next post.

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