Senior Project Week 1!

Ishita U -

Hello everyone! I have accomplished a lot this week. I have built my game outline on paper with the scenes and characters I want. I have decided to use the Unity Game Engine which is a platform using C# to create 2D and 3D games. I have decided to build a 2D game with several levels. I have chosen the different animations I will be using to portray the attacks and defense moves. We have also picked out a font for the game for how the words should be shown. I have also picked out a background for the game which is a dark alleyway. This gives the game a more eerie look which is what I wanted.  My site mentor will be helping me navigate through the Unity game engine. On Wednesday, we went through the different features of Unity such as the assets, resources, and scenes.

This week was more focused on building the game’s layout and how it should look as the final product. In the following weeks, My site mentor and I will be working on building the code and design on Unity itself. As of now, the game will be around 12 different scenes or pages. The first one is the main menu with the play button. The second one is a scene with different levels which will help the user navigate their progress in the game. The following scenes are the actual game itself.

Thank you for reading and please stay tuned to my blog and project. The next week will be filled with my progress in game coding. Feel free to reach out with any questions!


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    Excellent progress! You mention that you wanted the game to have an "eerie look." What inspired you to seek this kind of appearance? How does it factor into your overall intention for the game?
    Hello Ms. Wake! To answer your question, I would say that when people imagine themselves feeling unsafe, or if to say when a woman feels unsafe, they usually imagine themselves in a frightening and strange place. The purpose of this game is for women to be able to defend themselves in any situation. I believe that if my game has this eerie look and makes the user feel uncomfortable in the beginning, as time goes on, the user will become more comfortable defending themselves in a strange and unfamiliar place. I hope that helps!
    That makes a lot of sense! Thanks for your thoughtful answer. I think including a deliberately uncomfortable atmosphere could do a lot of good.
    That is amazing progress glad to see that you've figured out your outline and platform to accomplish it all. Can't wait to see how the app turns out!
    Thank you so much!

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