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Hey everyone,

I hope you’re doing well! This week, I took some time to dive into the articles that Dr. Averitte shared with me, and I found some interesting insights that I wanted to share with you.

One of the articles from Harvard Medical School caught my attention as it delved into the impact of private equity takeovers in hospitals. The article discussed how hospitals acquired by private equity firms often undergo significant changes in patient care practices and financial strategies. These changes may include a shift towards cost-cutting measures, potentially affecting the quality and accessibility of care provided to patients.

Similarly, I came across a detailed report from The New York Times that shed light on the challenges faced by dermatology practices, particularly in the context of skin cancer screenings and treatment. The article highlighted concerns about dermatologists feeling pressured to meet financial targets set by private equity investors, which could lead to a focus on revenue-generating procedures over preventive care. Additionally, an article from NBC News featured a poignant account from a dermatologist who shared their experience working in a private equity-backed practice. The dermatologist expressed worries about the decline in patient care standards due to financial pressures from private equity investors. This firsthand perspective provided valuable insights into the human impact of profit-driven healthcare practices.

Dr. Averitte did back out of his private equity deal, so the articles that he sent to me do have a stronger opinion against PE involvement, but they are very informative and do propose some strong qualities that may make people weary to introduce PE into their space. As I delved deeper into these articles, I noticed a common thread: the tension between profit motives and patient care. While private equity investments can bring financial stability and growth opportunities to healthcare practices, they also raise significant concerns about the prioritization of profits over patient well-being.

Incorporating these findings into my senior project research has provided me with valuable insights into the complexities of private equity involvement in healthcare. It’s crucial to critically evaluate the impact of such investments on patient care outcomes and advocate for transparency and accountability in healthcare management practices. As I continue to explore this topic, I’m committed to considering diverse perspectives and engaging in meaningful discussions to deepen my understanding of the subject. Stay tuned for more updates on my project journey!

Neel Vasireddy

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    Great insight Neel. Do you think is any way to find a happy medium between profit motives and patient care within PE's? Have you found any examples of PE's that are placing patient care as a priority? Perhaps ones focused on preventative/primary care? Or coordinated care?

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