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Yajat G -

Hi everyone,

Now that all the spreadsheets are done, the analyzing process is underway. The goal of the project has shifted and now instead of setting up clinical trials across the Phoenix area we are working on producing a paper based on the analyzed information. The topic of the paper is the underrepresentation of minorities in spine disease clinical trials. With the data I collected on the spreadsheet we will use calculate the average disparities between minority groups representation in spine disease clinical trials. The necessity for minority groups in clinical trials is because some groups have different symptoms or symptoms are presented differently compared to other ethnicities. According to Alice McCarthy from Harvard University “The lack of diversity in clinical trials can have significant consequences for public health. If they only include participants from a narrow demographic group, the results may not accurately represent the broader population. This can result in drugs and treatments that are less effective or even harmful for certain groups of people”. Fortunately there have been moves by government agencies to promote diversity as in 2020 the FDA will deny any drugs coming from clinical trials with low minority representation, so for any drug looking towards FDA approval minority representation is a mandate. In the modern era there is lots of distrust by minority groups towards these clinical trials because of past misuses of power and knowledge that was used against the African American community in the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. This study was to test how syphilis affected the African American people differently from Caucasian individuals, and without giving proper treatment it led to the death of over 100 African American people. This is the reason minority representation through ethical means is so important towards public health.

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    Hi Yajat, great tie to the greater impact of your project. Are there any other example of clinical trials that you have found where diversity has been a key consideration?
    Alana Rothschild
    Congrats on finishing your data analysis! I know how many long hours you put it into. Your project has really opened my eyes to the diversity in clinical trials issue. Thank you for the education. Keep up the great work!

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