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Hello all! This week has been pretty successful as we have finally figured out how to do the animations. The solution is Photoshop! To use Photoshop to rig, we have to first get out the character’s body parts into different layers. Each layer is just one body part. After dividing the layers, the biggest step is to name them. This step is extremely important because if not labeled, it can be pretty tricky to figure out what each layer is. After labeling comes the hard part, which is doing the steps all over again! Each movement means that we need to do the layer steps all over again because every movement is represented by a new yet same character. After we get the right amount of characters, we need to start playing around with the body parts. I would say this part does require a lot of attention because if I miss even the smallest step, this could make my entire animation look wobbly and disturbed. After making the animations, we need to export them to Unity. This part is the easiest because Unity is extremely equipped and does the animations by itself. All I need to do is add them to the animation timeline which makes for the actual animation. We can adjust the speed of animation and how long each movement is. This I find very cool because it allows me to play around with the software and learn more about it.

Photoshop was my plan C and I would say the animations are the biggest hurdle I have overcome in this project and is hopefully the last one. However, thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions, please let me know!

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