Part 4: New Solvents!

Aymen B -

This week we’ve been testing our original solution of 3 mg CBD, 15 ML beta-methylated cyclodextrine, and 1 mL of DMSO with a randomly methylated cyclodextrine in substitution of the beta-methylated cyclodextrine in the same amount. In the image below, we can observe our original beta methylated cyclodextrine solution with CBD and DMSO to have settled in a cloudy suspension. With our new randomly methylated cyclodextrine, we hope to observe a better solubility between the cyclodextrine, CBD, and DMSO (a transparent solution). Once our NMR sampling machine loads data for our new solution, we can also compare the spectroscopy data of the new and original CBD-cyclodextrine-DMSO solutions.

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    Hi Aymen, I do love the picture of what you are working with in the lab, but I want to know more about your project! What are we seeing in the pictures? What is the differences between the two solutions? What is the meaning of this part of experiment within the larger picture of your project?

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