Part 12: Conclusions and Reflections!

Aymen B -

NMRium is an extremely useful technology for chemical composition analysis but is limited in independent practicality for this study. NMRium can be used alongside more specialized software and technologies to analyze both chemical composition, properties, and neurotransmitter activity. Virtual Kinome Profiler and DeCREaSE could be more specialized software that I would want to experiment with in the future, accounting for factors such as cost and potency. Ultimately, I learned a lot about the limitations of NMRium as a computational chemistry software and want to experiment with other software that is more catered to evaluating the interactions between drugs and body systems rather than just the drug itself. This project has been a great learning experience both in and outside of the lab. I would like to thank Dr. Yarger, Dr. Goodwin, Mrs. Bennett, BASIS, and ASU for supporting me in this project. Thanks for your support along the journey!

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