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Hi everyone,

This week I have been continuing on the paper analysis and writing up a paper with my site mentor. We have started looking into the racial distribution on average in clinical trials and less than 20% of participants in spine disease clinical trials are part of a minority group so far. This links back to what I had said in my last post about how certain minority groups are more hesitant in participating in these trials, but also can be traced back to a lack of effort to find willing participants in these minority groups. I am set to start doing a literature review to look at trends and effects of spine disease clinical trials with minority groups this weekend. I will be able to look for more specific instances where diversity has been a main consideration, and I will likely find more information as I go through the data while writing the paper. Some other factors I have been looking at is how many minority groups a clinical trial has if any. For example, a clinical trial I collected data on had only two races participating, White and African American, while a different one covering the same spinal condition had four minority groups. When comparing these clinical trials all the basic information was the same except for the number of participants as well as the diversity of the participants. As we go deeper into these clinical trials we are looking for key differentiators that make one clinical trial more reliable than the other to see whether diversity for spine disease clinical trials has an affect on treatments in the market.

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