Love Drought by Beyoncé or the Drought in Arizona?

Vedika P -

Hello! This past week, I have mainly been compiling a list of terms to input into Google Trends. These search terms will be specific to the topic of drought and water conservation. Some water conservation and drought search terms I will be using are drip irrigation systems, rainwater harvesting, water metering, aerators for faucets, drought status, water shortage, Colorado River, groundwater shortage, mulching, and hydro zones. These terms were chosen because it is likely that someone would use them with an interest in conserving water or inquiring about the drought in their city.

This week, I also worked on testing how Google Trends works so I can secure my data for this project. It is important that I conduct many trials on Google Trends because sometimes people may search a term with a different kind of context. For example, the term “drought” can be used in a search related to weather or in the context of the song “Love Drought” by Beyoncé. This is why I have narrowed down the Google Trends categories under News-Weather and also the environment. This ensures that the data I gather will be in the context of the environment and weather.

Additionally, this Saturday, I am excited to attend an environmental justice workshop for AANHPI for equity. I am eager to learn about how we are addressing the climate crisis and how it impacts our health within our community! See you next time!

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    Hi Vedika! It's so cool how you're making sure that the search terms pertain specifically to what you're studying. Are there any other controls that you're putting in place to make sure your data is accurate?
    Yes! I am also using sub-categories that google trends gives underneath broader categories to make the term even more specific!
    Hi Vedika! The workshop sounds awesome. I would love to hear how it goes and what you learn. And though Beyonce is a wonderful artist, I can see how that might skew your data!

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