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Hi everyone! My name is Libby Ventura and I’m a senior at BASIS Phoenix. I plan on studying psychology and child development in college and hope to become a therapist for children after college. These goals are my motivation behind my senior project titled “Exploring the Effects of Different Therapeutic Techniques within School Counseling.”

I’m interning with a school counselor at a K-8 school where I’ll learn about the different tasks that school counselors have. I’ll also help set up counseling activities and aid in communication between school counselors nearby. I’m very excited to work with my advisor and intern at her school.

There are two parts of research when it comes to my actual project. My project explores different kinds of therapies, tasks, and interventions that school counselors use while working. I hope to answer questions like “what are the most effective and efficient student resources within high school counseling?” and “which tasks take up a majority of the time of counselors?” To answer these questions, the first part of my research is a literary review where I’ll look into pre-existing studies and works to compare and contrast the different mental health resources that schools offer.

For the second part of my research, I’ll be reaching out to high school counselors in my area to conduct interviews and gain first-hand answers to my questions. I’m super excited about this part of my project because I’ll be able to find answers to my project questions and I’ll be able to learn more about a field of psychology that I’m interested in pursuing.

Overall I’m extremely excited to see where this project takes me and I can’t wait to learn more about counseling and research methods in general.

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    Libby - it will be interesting to see the breakdown of tasks, in terms of time, for school counselors, as well as what constitute most effective tools for students. What methods do you plan to use to document your findings or to collate data? Super cool. Thank you for sharing your research journey.
    Hi Libby, I think it is great that your project revolves around education and relates to high school students specifically, since it will be very relatable to us as your peers. Will you also be surveying high school students to see their perspectives, or will you mainly be focusing on the viewpoints of the school counselors? I am super excited to hear about the rest of your research process!
    This is going to be so exciting! I am really looking forward to seeing the way in which your literature review does OR does not align with what you find in the real world. In fields like school psychology, these things do not always align and that can become very difficult for those working in schools. Best of luck!
    Elizabeth V
    Hi Mrs. Ungar! Great question! As of now, my plan is to put together the annotations I'll have from readings as well as the findings from my interviews into a research paper. I've brainstormed other product ideas so this might change. To answer your question more specifically about the interviews I'll conduct, I'll be taking notes the whole time to connect their responses back to the answers I find in my literary review. Thanks for your question!
    Elizabeth V
    Hi Taara, that's a great question! I will be surveying high school students but as of now it won't be part of my senior project, but instead part of my volunteer hours. My plan right now is to send out surveys to high schoolers about common stressors and stress relievers. I'll be able to send this information to school counselors to keep them updated. You might be hearing more about this part of my project in an upcoming blog post :)
    Hi Libby how do u plan to use the data from the forms to determine the effects of child development in college?
    How did you get the idea of this project?
    How do school counselors collaborate with other stakeholders, such as teachers, parents, and external mental health professionals, to provide comprehensive support for elementary, middle, and highschool students?
    Garima Goswami
    Hey Libby, your project sounds very interesting to follow along with. Is there a difference in how counselors work with high school, middle school and elementary schools to reduce stress?
    Hey Libby, are you planning on questioning upper school students as well?

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