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Hello everyone, I am Saahithi Indukuri! Welcome to my blog! I am going to be studying The influence of social determinants of health on cardiovascular disease progression within Native American populations. Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death with health disparities being one of the few causes that leads to such high numbers in heart diseases. I will be specifically studying Native American/Indian groups, which represents one of the populations most marked by health disparities. This includes areas in income/wealth gaps, education, social/community setting, health access and use, neighborhood and physical environment, and workplace. 

The last few times I visited my uncle’s hospital in India I started to notice that a majority of the patients in the hospital were people who had traveled from different parts of Africa. I started questioning why they would spend money to travel here when it was expensive. He told me the various reasons that they might not have been able to get medical care. That was when I first learned of and quickly gained interest in health disparities. In doing my own research, I learned that this issue refers not only to inadequate access to medical care but also to how our environment can affect our health with minority groups being the most at risk. Delving into how our daily habits influence serious health conditions, this investigation seeks to gain more insight into and uncover ways to reduce such diseases. Moreover, I am eager to learn about strategies that can improve healthcare access and reduce disparities. 

 I am so excited to delve deeper into this topic with the help of my on-site advisor, Dr. Jessica Hogan, a professor who specializes in social health amongst others at ASU. The link to Dr.Hogan’s profile page can be found below. Thank you!

On-site Advisor Profile Page: 




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