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Hi everyone! My name is Nithya Suravaram. My project is called “Breaking Barriers: Analyzing Income-Based Disparities in Access to Birth Control in Arizona for Equitable Reproductive Healthcare.” I was inspired to research this topic as the climate around reproductive rights is constantly changing with the overturning of Roe v Wade and the FDA approval of an over-the-counter birth control. In the past, I delved deep into personal research on the second wave of feminism during the 60’s-80’s. I learned that many fought for the right to birth control such as abortion and the pill, but there is still a lot to do especially for marginalized women. I specifically wanted to look into lower income women. My internship is at Affirm, which is a nonprofit organization that disburses Title X funding through healthcare centers in Arizona to make birth control more accessible and affordable. Title X is a federal grant program dedicated to providing individuals with comprehensive family planning and related preventive health services. One of the things I will be doing as part of my internship is helping plan a conference for their participating healthcare centers which will include a guest speaker that informs on reproductive health topics. I am excited to learn from this experience and see how it informs my research. I’m thrilled to embark on this journey at Affirm, where I’ll be actively contributing to addressing the challenges in reproductive healthcare and learning more about these issues. The prospect of delving into my research on income-based disparities in access to birth control is genuinely exciting, and I’m eager to explore potential outcomes that could contribute to a more equitable healthcare landscape for all women.

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    I think you've chosen a very interesting topic that is very relevant to and necessary in today's world. Who do you think you'll ask to be the guest speaker at the conference? What else do you have to do when planning this conference?
    I'm not sure yet, as I still don't know what topic will be covered at this conference. We will mainly be reaching out to people to ask if they can speak and communicating with the centers.
    Sinchana Keshav
    This project is very relevant currently, and I am excited to see where you take it. Have you decided which form of birth control you will be looking into specifically, or will your research focus on access to birth control in general?

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