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Hey everyone! My name is Neel Vasireddy and welcome to my senior project blog. I am interested in business and the diverse career paths it offers in fields like finance, consulting, and accounting.

I had a summer internship at CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA), a national professional services firm that specializes in auditing, accounting, tax, consulting, and other advisory services. Catering to various industries such as healthcare or manufacturing, the firm services a wide range of clients, including businesses, nonprofit organizations, governments, and individuals. During my time at CLA, I completed an 8-week rotational internship where I collaborated with three other high school interns to complete case studies in each professional service that they offer. I gained hands-on experience filling out tax forms, practicing audits, and understanding other generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Additionally, we worked on a social media project with a 15-intern team from other offices in the west coast with the objective of increasing the firm’s social media presence. Presented to the CEO and board of directors, the ideas were well-received.

My senior project, titled “Corporate Healthcare: A Critical Analysis of the Benefits and Risks of Corporate Involvement and Strategies to Preserve Quality Care,” will explore the changes that private healthcare practices experience when they experience corporate consolidation. I was introduced to this when my mom transitioned from her private practice to working at another small physician clinic. United Healthcare’s subsidiary, Optum acquired her group and rebranded her clinic. While writing a brief case discussion on the topic for a college application, I researched it further and explored corporate acquisitions and private equity firm involvement in the consolidation of healthcare. I wanted to further this research through my senior project, balancing the benefits of a corporate backing while preserving quality care.

While working with CLA over the summer, I saw the work that the healthcare team did with these companies and practices. After reaching out and talking with my on-site advisor, Chris Abell, I was happy to hear that the team has done significant work in the space of healthcare consolidation, and I am excited to gain insight into the background of the business transactions behind these mergers and acquisitions from these accounting professionals. With their external connections to both healthcare professionals that stayed independent as well as those who enjoyed transitioning to a corporate backing, I am eager to learn about the different perspectives on this subject directly from an array of individuals that work within the field.

More information about CLA can be found at and information about Chris’s extensive work in accounting can be found at

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