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Hey! I’m Prerna Kumari and I’m a senior at BASIS Phoenix.  My research is on the psychological side to injury recovery, and its contributions to an athletes psychological readiness to return back to sport(RTS) post injury. Podlog et al. in their study “Psychological readiness to return back to sport following injury” defines psychological readiness as “Psychological readiness to RTS after injury reflects an individual’s state of mental preparedness to resume sport-specific activities and likely comprises three dimensions, including cognitive appraisals (confidence, expectations, motivations, risk appraisals, internal or external pressures), affective components ( ..)”.  Amongst the varying pressures high school athletes face, competition has been identified as dominant pressure. According to a study done by Warmath et al. in “ The role of Athlete Competitiveness in High School Sport Specialization in the United States’ ‘, specialization within sports has caused greater amounts of injury along with greater amounts of negative psychological responses in young athletes. Though competition has became a greater and demanding characteristic of high school athletes, the repercussions caused by this competition may result in more negative outcomes. The focus of this research is to analyze how the psychological readiness of an highschool athlete to RTS post injury differs between different levels of competition. I will be utilizing an altered version of the Injury Psychological Readiness to Return to Sport (I-PRRS) Scale, and surveying and interviewing various athletes within Arizona. For my site placement, I will be working with Dr. Steven Poon and Dr. Carter Jones from the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Primary Care Facility. 

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    Alana Rothschild
    Prerna- I am curious if you will identify those that have a desire to continue their sport in college or not. It may not be within the scope of your research, but I am wondering what the correlation to RTS would be. Your project is so interesting!
    Shreeya Desai
    Hey Prerna, I was wondering if you could elaborate a bit more on what some of these "negative outcomes" are. For example, do they feel depressed or more stressed than when the athletes were actively playing the sport? I hope that makes sense, by the way. Good luck on your project and I look forward to seeing your final conclusion!
    Prerna Kumari
    Thank you! I will not be identifying if athletes will continue their sport in college, however some of the questions ask about motivations towards RTS, which may have a correlation to playing at a collegiate level.
    Prerna Kumari
    Of course! Negative outcomes could mean lowered levels of confidence, greater stress and anxiety, and other actions that could harm ones health, physically and mentally. These actions could be playing without fully healing from an injury or taking extra medications to possibly numb any pain or speed up recovery.

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