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Hello Everyone!

My name is Sinchana Keshav and welcome to the first blog post of my Senior Research Project journey. I grew up constantly watching Hindi movies, from singing the songs to laughing at the comedy skits to watching the hero or heroine narrowly survive their missions. While the Hindi film industry produces movies of numerous genres, the Romantic-Comedy genre, known commonly as Rom-Coms, is the most popular. While these movies are entertaining with their flashy title songs to the dramatic plot lines, they are usually ridden with toxic stereotypes and harmful romantic behaviors that are romanticized or normalized within the movie and the genre itself. The toxic behaviors, while seen as romantic, actually propagate harmful interactions within romantic relationships which can impact the audiences and introduce a new normal.

The Social Cognitive Theory advocates that “while devouring media, individuals create desires and set standards for their real lives after observing the social constructions in the media” (Samraat 427). Seeing the dangers of toxic romance in this generation, these films need to portray healthy relationships to their influential audiences. In this project, I will be studying the prevalence of these toxic behaviors in Hindi movies to gain a better understanding of the dependence the plots of these movies have on toxic romantic behaviors. The movies I chose are spread out over a two-year increment over the last 30 years. By doing this, I can analyze if there is a trend in the prevalence of toxic behaviors to better understand how the Hindi Film Industry has evolved in their romantic comedy portrayals. Thank you for reading, and I hope this project interests you as much as the movies do!

Sinchana Keshav

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    Hi Sinchana! I love your project topic, it’s an interesting correlation that not many think about. I can’t wait to follow along! What made you want to research the topic of toxicity?
    Hi Sinchana! As someone who's also noticed this trend while growing up watching Indian movies, I think this topic is something that must be addressed in today's modern world. Indian cinema is a multi million dollar industry and produces several movies per year. How did you choose what movies to look at? Was there something specific you were looking for?
    Hi Sinchana, I love the topic, it’s one that’s popped up a lot more in recent media. Given that there are so many perspectives to each scene in a movie, how do you plan on making sure you’re able to get a majority of the toxicity seen in the movies?
    Alana Rothschild
    I have a silly question- are Hindi movies classified as Bollywood? I agree that movies are a big part of our culture and influence our beliefs about things like relationships. I love that you chose such a fascinating topic and can't wait to learn more.
    Hey Koushita, I chose to study this topic because it was something that I noticed was very common across most of the Hindi movies I watched. Additionally, I would often get into discussions with my friends and family about how toxic a certain relationship was, and it made me curious to study the topic formally to see if there was a clear trend across the last few decades.
    Hey Sowmithra! I chose the movies by specifically looking at the highest-grossing Hindi romantic-comedy movie from the specific year. I chose to study movies over the last three decades with a 2-year gap between each, which led me to a total of 15 movies.
    Hi Ms. Rothschild, yes Hindi movies are Bollywood movies. The terms are interchangeable. India has multiple official languages, and as a result, each region has its own film industry. Bollywood encompasses the movies produced in Hindi, which is mainly in the northern regions of India.

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