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Hello again!

In the past week, I’ve really been focusing on completing interviews with the MHC Healthcare providers. For the most part, they have been amazing to work with, providing very thoughtful and informative answers about their experiences. 

Since my last post, I’ve completed 4 more interviews, and each provider has really given me a different view and experience of COVID-19 at their work. I’ve been using Google’s audio recording software in order to record these meetings, and its built-in transcription feature has significantly cut down the amount of time necessary to process the raw audio files. It now only takes me one 15-minute session to adjust the automatic transcription and fill in any missing or incorrect words, instead of over half an hour of typing out the words from the recording by hand. 

Many of the providers have noted that their present-day fears about COVID-19 are overall much less immediate than before, but in general, they do recognize the lingering danger of this virus. However, these findings do show a significant shift from the sentiments shown in my background research. This is a very promising find, as it hopefully means that healthcare workers are starting to return to normal after a very stressful and unhealthy time period.

Additionally, many providers have expressed appreciation for MHC Healthcare’s organizational support specifically, as they have recently created a Wellness Department for providers as well as having an overall very supportive workplace environment. Although some respondents noted that they had seen division among providers and wished for a more interconnected network, many stated that they felt like they already had that, and were grateful for the support of their fellow providers. Based on what I’ve seen, because MHC Healthcare is a network of multiple community health centers and locations, this may be something that fluctuates and changes depending on where a provider is working, which is not surprising. Different locations likely have different organizational cultures, and possibly different management systems as well.

Overall, I haven’t made as much progress in terms of data analysis as I would have liked this week. I’m continuing to work on college things and making up the volunteer work that I missed due to the senior trip. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I’ll be able to make some more progress and possibly have some statistics to share!

I’m excited to learn more as I continue with these interviews and progress with data analysis.


– Priya <3

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    Hi Priya, it's exciting to see how many of the responses are mentioning how they have been recovering from COVID. Have you thought of any ideas that could help with the issues that the interviews brought up?
    Hi Colin! I've been asking the providers about what MHC could be doing better, and many of them have stated that they're very happy with the resources available to them. However, some have noted that more PTO would be helpful, especially in a profession where there's such a large risk of illness.

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