Hello World! Welcome to my project, “Computationally Comparing CBD”. Part 1: Our First Samples

Aymen B -

Hello everyone. Our first research session was dedicated to gathering data to sample interactions between CBD and its common solvents that make the drug more soluble in the body. We are testing 2 types of cyclodextrins (chemicals used to make CBD more soluble), randomly methylated beta-cyclodextrin and 2-hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin. The solutions were loaded into 4 test tubes and inserted into the Bruker 500 NMR sampling machine for a spectroscopy test, which analyzes the chemical interactions in a sample on an atomic level. Between this meeting and the next, I plan to analyze and learn how to read spectroscopy and what the data and different peaks mean for the properties.

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    Aymen / wowsa. You have very clearly outlined goals, with specificity, for this project. Thank you for sharing; I look forward to following your blog. Super cool.
    Mr. Morris
    Aymen, this is a cool project. Where are you getting your CBD samples from them (a lab, or over the counter)? Are you taking into account variations in quantity and quality of CBD supplementation between various producers?
    I really love the title and the entire blog because of how engaging it is to the reader. Your goals and agenda are outlined very concisely and the pictures are fascinating to look at. I'm honestly really hooked and interested to see what your next blog posts are!
    Thank you, Mr. Morris! The CBD samples are provided by the lab for testing. For the sampling, we are taking account of quantity through our sampling measurements and solvent ratios. Concerning differences in drug quality, this may be an interesting point that accounts for the different potency/effectiveness between different brands. I will look into the significant differences between brands with this question in mind. Thank you!

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