Gathering Intel: Looking at Military Sexual Assault in a Global Perspective

Srimayi L -

Hello everybody! As the first week of research has commenced, I will detail some main findings from examining military sexual assault across nations, the initial step of my research.

Firstly, I observed a difference in the accessibility of military sexual assault and trauma rates between countries. Finding the official reports of these cases was easier for some countries such as the U.S.A. who have annual reports published and easy access online from the Department of Defense. On the other hand, there are several countries, mainly consisting of eastern countries, that don’t have official reports published or easily accessible which led me to go to secondary sources like news outlets for the information, hindering the validity for those data points but indicating a view towards this issue from those nations.

For this reason, getting data from eastern countries has proven to be more difficult in comparison to the western countries.

It was also important to note that these numbers and rates were only the incidents reported, and many cases go unreported from cultural stigmas and fear. As a result, I also found that mental health problems were significantly high for this particular group. I will expand on these aspects of the issue in the coming weeks.

As of now, I am continuing to collect data on the rates of military sexual assault for nations and make any possible correlations that point towards a certain trend afterwards. I also plan on finalizing my list of countries that I am looking at for eastern and western cultures by next week which I’ll communicate in my next post.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week!

– Srimayi

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    Melanie Murphy
    Srimayi, this appears to be a very challenging project with the issue of inconsistent or incomplete data as it relates to some locations. I'll be interested to see how you grapple with these limitations as you conduct your research.
    Srimayi Lakkireddy
    Hi Ms. Murphy! Thank you for the interest in my project! It is true that there are several limitations to getting the data. For this reason, I intend to work that into my data collection by including that as an aspect and part of how these cultures view the issue of military sexual assault.
    Saahithi Indukuri
    Hey Srimayi! This is such an interesting project. What are some of the eastern countries you are looking at?
    Srimayi Lakkireddy
    Hey Saahithi! As of now, the eastern countries I am looking at are Taiwan, Japan, India, South Korea, Israel, North Korea, and Japan. I am continuing to collect data for these countries and possibly more, so this list may change or be added to which I am finalizing this week.

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