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As I proceed with my research, I aim to identify a gap in the existing literature. Numerous studies have examined the severity of drought and preparedness in Arizona through various media sources. To contribute to this body of research, I want to compare two cities with differing water consumption rates to determine if residents of one city exhibit greater interest and to explore the reasons behind this. Specifically, I have selected Phoenix and Tucson for this study.

According to an article published by the Cambridge University Press, “In metropolitan Phoenix, the focus of this article, the proliferation of hyper-green golf courses, human-made lakes, and well-watered lawns sustains a historic pattern of perpetuating an artificially lush oasis in defiance of the native Sonoran Desert.” Moreover, Phoenix exhibits a notably higher water consumption rate compared to other desert cities like Tucson. Phoenix not only surpasses the national average consumption rate in the United States but also that of Tucson, with an average rate of 230 gallons per capita compared to Tucson’s 172 gallons per capita.

Furthermore, the summer of 2023 was one of Arizona’s hottest and driest summers on record. According to ABC News, Phoenix, Arizona, experienced a record-shattering stretch of 31 days with temperatures at 110 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, surpassing the previous record of 18 consecutive days. Additionally, in 2023, Phoenix, Arizona, was noted as experiencing the hottest month ever recorded in a U.S. city by The Washington Post.

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