First Week: Setting Up

Anirudh G -

Hello everyone! I appreciate everyone who commented and read my previous post. I have spent a couple of days this week working on my syllabus which still needs a little more work. I will also send out the parental consent forms to the heads of the NHS committee of various BASIS branches this week. This will enable the students to participate in my upcoming survey, which I plan to send out sometime next week once all the consent forms are returned. In the meantime, I’ve decided to look into prior research relating to my topic and articles in the field.

Since I will be sending out consent forms to multiple schools, the number of participants for my study remains unknown. However, once I get the results from the survey, I will be able to look through the data to find trends and also calculate percentages. With the results of this research, schools can decide on how to take action on ChatGPT. Right now, a lot of schools have banned or are strongly against the use of ChatGPT but I believe if used ethically chatbots have the potential to be a learning tool that can tutor struggling students whether by explaining concepts to them or by going step by step through a practice problem to help them learn.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading,

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    Great progress, Ani! I'm very interested in how your survey will play out and what data you will gather. Your project, in terms of relevance, is more important than ever. I hope you'll find some valuable insights for our school community!
    Alana Rothschild
    I hope you get a turn out from the BASIS campuses. The more the merrier! I agree with Eddie that this is very important, relevant information so keep up the good work!
    Thank you for your support!

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