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Ishita U -

Hello everyone! This week has been less hectic than usual. I have been editing my past levels for any bugs and other UI issues I might have. I have been trying to find more appealing fonts and buttons which I can use for presentation purposes, however, I have still not been able to find the perfect ones. I am not too worried about that because it isn’t too much of a matter. I have also been building levels 5-9, which basically teach a self-defense move compared to the other levels, which gave tips on how to defend oneself. I would say the coding part of this project has been going surprisingly well. One reason would probably be because Unity is very well equipped and most of the coding is just repeats of what I have done before. This week, I hope to be able to finish my game and hopefully launch it as an app. This will require a lot of work but hopefully, I can do it.

By Sunday, I will be starting to build my presentation. For a general overview, I will mostly describe each level and why I chose to incorporate those features, such as why I decided on this self-defense move or this item. I will also be sharing what I learned from this project.

This is all for this week. This week has not been too exciting as I am finishing up my final product, however, in the following weeks, once I organize my research, I can add that in my future blogs. Thank you for reading and please let me know if there are any questions.

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