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Colin K -

Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog! This week has felt like it has blown by with all the work I have been doing trying to figure out PowerPoint and beginning to dig into all the data I have gathered for my project. The one answer I have found that is unanimous across all patients no matter what lifestyle they have or what injection they are receiving for their disease they all feel that these injections are worth the preservation of their vision. Another interesting data point I have started to look at is based off of a question someone had for me last week. A majority of the patients answering the survey say they do not have a hired caregiver at home and that they don’t need much help from their family members. I feel that this means that this could correlate with the generally low number of answers stating that these injection appointments massively disrupt their schedule. However when patients do also answer this question on the survey they say that these injection appointments are like a habit to them now so they don’t feel burdened by coming into the office. I don’t know if they have just gotten used to waiting over an hour for their injections or if they feel like that time isn’t a burden since most patients are retired but it is still an interesting avenue for where I could direct more analysis into. Thanks to further meetings with Ms. Bennett and Madame Owanga I am starting to see more progress with figuring out how to work with PowerPoint but it is still a slow process.

That is all I have for this week so thanks again to everyone reading and commenting on these posts!

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