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Hey everyone,

I recently had a fascinating meeting with Dr. Averitte, the founder of Affiliated Dermatology, who shared invaluable insights into the world of private equity and healthcare investments. Dr. Averitte started Affiliated Dermatology in 1992 with a vision to grow his business and extend his brand, which was further fueled by the need for a more manageable work-life balance, especially after having triplets.

During our discussion, Dr. Averitte shared his perspective on private equity deals, highlighting the challenges and considerations involved. He expressed reluctance towards selling his practice due to the strings attached, such as contractual obligations, rollovers, and productivity clauses, which could potentially compromise autonomy and financial flexibility.

Dr. Averitte emphasized the importance of understanding the intricacies of private equity deals and advised thorough research before making any decisions. He shared valuable resources, including articles and MIT series on private equity, to deepen my understanding of the subject.

One key takeaway from our conversation was the concept of “deal fatigue,” where practitioners may settle for less favorable terms in private equity deals due to exhaustion or pressure to close the deal quickly. Dr. Averitte’s insights shed light on the complexities of navigating the healthcare landscape and the importance of informed decision-making.

Moving forward, Dr. Averitte has generously provided me with a wealth of new articles and resources to explore, which will undoubtedly enrich my research and inform my senior project. His guidance and expertise have been invaluable, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from his experiences.

Stay tuned for more updates on my research journey!

Neel Vasireddy

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