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Hello everyone!

This week’s post will be a general update post about my progress on this project so far. As I discussed in my Introductory Post, my study methods are based on surveys and interviews of the providers at MHC Healthcare. As of Sunday February 25th, my survey has officially closed, and I’ve transferred all the data into a Google Sheet for further data analysis. I’m really feeling that sense of the “thrill of discovery” as I look at the little numbers in my spreadsheet, knowing that they constitute a dataset that I have created for myself with the help of the many amazing providers who responded. Though I’ve written data analysis papers in the past using existing datasets, I’ve never created my own before. I’m so excited to use these currently-somewhat-meaningless numbers to draw correlations and hopefully inform a path forward for MHC Healthcare.

As for the interview side of this study, I have discovered the struggles of scheduling like never before. I’m working with 8 providers currently as I try to set up meeting dates with all of them, and I’ve found myself not nearly organized enough to keep track of them all. My Google Calendar and schedule-send emails have become my lifeline, but through it all I’m so excited to meet with the providers and learn from their stories and experiences. I completed the first of my interviews on Thursday, February 29th, and it made me even more hopeful for the rest of this project. My interviewee answered all of the questions thoughtfully, and was very open with me about their experiences, even including the flaws that they have seen in MHC Healthcare’s system. Being able to form human connections with respondents will inform this study by allowing me to speak qualitatively on the numbers in my spreadsheet.

I can’t wait to see where this project leads me next.

– Priya <3

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