Dance Week Continued/Gathering Results

Rhea R -

Hello Everyone,

Last week was a huge success! Everyone at the studio really enjoyed the combo I taught. I texted all of them my survey and self-evaluation and I’ve already gotten a few responses which is amazing! I’m still waiting on about half the class for the rest. 

As for my other group, K-pop Club, I went into school to teach them on Friday, but ran into a roadblock since scheduled time for clubs is now over at school. Due to this I only had about 5 dancers available to learn the routine that day. In order to continue the study, we will have to schedule time to practice. This works out since the club members are currently working on another dance performance and will be meeting routinely. Since 5 members already know the dance, I’ve had to modify the survey for this particular group, since they are participating in more of a learning and practice over time situation, as opposed to the one time thing because of time constraints at the studio. I’m considering giving out the survey at the end of the study, so that the dancers can rate their confidence after each respective practice session. The survey will contain three separate spaces for reflection for each time I have taught/reviewed choreography, and there will also be a section so that they can list if they have practiced for any additional time outside of my teaching time, so that can be counted. 

I’ve also been developing my questions for interviews with the instructors. I have 4 who are willing to be interviewed as of now, but I might ask around to see if more are willing to answer a few questions about each person’s dancing abilities and how muscle memory plays into them. These will be scheduled hopefully next week, since I had the band concert on Tuesday and was unable to go to dance. 

As for background research, I have concluded reading and annotating my sources. I’m also keeping the lit review as a backup just in case my group and I do not find the time or means to construct the final video product. 

See you all next week.

  • Rhea 🙂

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    Hi Rhea! I love how everything is coming together and am so excited to see the final product! Do you think that the time you have with the K-pop Club might change the results in any way?

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