Counseling Games & Literary Reviews & Student Surveys, oh my!

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Hi everyone! It’s week two of my project and I have a few updates. The first is that the Valentine’s craft  from last week went super well! I met with my on-site advisor on Thursday and she talked about how great her students did. This week I’ve focused on three things: my week two activity for my on-site advisor, starting my literary review, and finalizing my student survey.

The first thing I worked on this week was helping the school counselor I’m working with to set up another project for her students. This week her kids are playing a game of “horse” outside on the basketball court. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the game but if you’re not, all you need to know is it’s centered around making shots that your opponents can’t make. We changed the game a little so every time one of her students misses a shot, my off-site advisor will ask them a question about their emotions. This is the part of the activity I set up by sending her a list of questions to ask like “what was a time when you felt sad?” and “what was a time when you felt left out?” I chose questions that promoted discussion and ended the list with a few questions about managing these emotions. I like this activity a lot because I hope it’ll encourage the kids to share their feelings in a more relaxed environment.

The second focus of this week is starting my literary review. My off-site advisor Ms. Feffer lent me a stack of books to read about my topic and I’m super excited to dive into them. This week I started reading Research and Evaluation in Education and Psychology by Donna M. Mertens. I’ve been out of town on college tours for the last few days so I haven’t gotten a lot of time to sit down and read but I’m going to do that today and tomorrow. I’m very interested in the topics in this book and excited to share what I learn.

Another part of my project is that I’ll be creating surveys for my peers to take as part of my volunteer hours. The first survey I’m creating focuses on finding the common stressors, as well as different de-stressing methods, that high school students use today. I’ll be sending these results to my on-site advisor so that she can share them with the other school counselors at her firm. This way they can stay updated on techniques that high school students use. I love this part of my project because although it’s not part of my final presentation research, it’ll still help the cause that I’m working towards.

That’s the end of my updates for this week! I’m still waiting on my volunteer packet to be cleared so I haven’t started volunteering but I’ve found plenty of ways to keep busy. Next week I hope to update you guys on how the activity this week and and talk about starting the interview portion of my research. See you all then!

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    Hi Libby, sounds like you are getting some great work done! I'd love to hear more about the research you are reading. What a cool experience to help plan social emotional lessons for kids! I really like that you used open ended questions that really promoted student reflection.
    Hi Ms. Bennett! Thank you! I spent a while yesterday getting a good start on reading Mertens' "Research and Evaluation in Education and Psychology" and so far what I'm reading has been very helpful. I won't get a lot of information to use directly in my literary review, but the contents has sections that explain how to create literary reviews and effective surveys pertaining specifically to education and psychology. I definitely lucked out when Ms. Feffer sent me this book and I think it'll be a great starting point so that I can keep working on my literary review and surveys next week.

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