Contradictions in the Field

Yajat G -

Hi everyone,

Over the past week or so, I have been working on the project presentation and finding additional information to add to my literature review. After talking to my site placement advisor, I finally decided that doing a poster as my final product would be most beneficial for my complete understanding of the topic and an easy way for others to understand it as well. The research paper we are trying to publish will not be published by the time of the project. I have also listened to recorded webinars on diversity ethics in clinical trials. I have realized just how new this idea is and how the industry is heavily developing it to prevent backlash and promote drugs for the whole population. Many companies still struggle to get diverse groups of people for these clinical trials due to distrust in the system, and this is one of the most significant flaws in the industry because, without trust in the clinical trials system, people will not participate in them. Still, without diversity participation, it will be hard to get new, more effective drugs for the whole population into the market. This contradiction is probably one of the main reasons for the slow advancement in diversity in clinical trials because many sponsors are not willing to spend time and money to recruit for long periods of time with little to no success and, therefore, try to speed up the process by sacrificing diversity. As the system develops, the main focus of the industry needs to be building this trust because only then will more effective clinical trials be put in place, allowing for quicker and more quality advancements in the field of pharmaceutical medicine.

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    Hey Yajat, glad you figured out what works best as a final product for you project. Do you have any examples on how companies are trying to gain trust from more of the population for their trials?

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