Continuing the Data Narrative

Sowmithra M -

Hi everyone! Last week, Dr. Garcia was unfortunately out sick, so I am still waiting on some feedback from her. I will be meeting with her in person on Wednesday to discuss the final project and give her an update on due dates and such as the senior project is wrapping up. 

Since then, I’ve been working on putting together outlines for both Miami and Detroit. I’m holding off on writing the data narrative itself until I receive feedback from Dr. Garcia for the Phoenix data narrative. I have also spent time deciding what figures I want to include in my final work. To explain it simply, I am trying to decide how to organize my data for the audience. So far, this is my plan. I will create three figures: one for population growth, one for water production/demand, and one that is more comprehensive. The more comprehensive figure will have two layers to it: the types of change and the decadal time period it occurred in. This will allow the audience to easily obtain an understanding of thirty years worth of events and data for the three cities.

I have also started on the final presentation. One challenge I am facing while working on this is deciding what to talk about and how to do it in a succinct manner. Since there is a time limit of 10-12 minutes, I have to consciously decide what to put on my presentation for the audience, rather than giving the audience all the facts. I think I have figured it out now. For the rest of the week, I will continue working on the presentation and hopefully begin writing first drafts for the Detroit and Miami data narratives. Thanks for reading!

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