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Sowmithra M -

Hi everyone! This past week I finished watching the recorded meetings for each city and got a feel for what each one is presently focusing on. Phoenix has thus far utilized voluntary measures and public education for water conservation, but now, with the Colorado River Shortage, the City has begun to explore requirements and rebates for conservation. Miami has gone extensive lengths for planning, but is struggling with funding and directing dollars towards projects with real time impacts. Detroit has bounced back from its bankruptcy but is still facing challenges with affordability and aging infrastructure. 

I’d like to next begin talking about my final project. After my discussion with Dr. Garcia, we have decided that it will be a data narrative. I will go over the format of a data narrative next week, but for now, I’ll describe the first step in the process of creating one, I am constructing a comprehensive timeline and assigning events to the following categories: Water source, Authority, Partnership, Planning, Local law/policy, State law/policy, National law/policy, Rates/Fees, Financing, Education, Ecosystems, and Conservation. This timeline will include events such as the creation of utilities and water boards, but the core analysis will consist of the years 1990 – 2020. I’ll also be categorizing what 10 year period these events fall in and seeing what decade had the most changes. 

As for this week, I’ll be meeting with Dr. Garcia today. Unfortunately, last week, I couldn’t meet with the student in her team for help with RStudio, so I will be meeting that student today as well. Additionally, I’ll be meeting Ms. Sandor this Friday. For the rest of the week, I will begin to look at water rate/demand trends and will create initial outlines of data narratives. Thanks for reading!  

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    Hi Sowmithra! The final project sounds amazing already! I was wondering, how you decided to focus specifically on the 1990-2020 time period?
    Hi Koushita! I decided to focus on that time period because it felt as if the last 30 years give a full picture in terms of drastic changes, what caused the changes, and the effects of such changes. I wanted to continue it to the present to relay where the systems currently are.

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