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Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!

These last 10 weeks have flown by and I am so happy to be finishing my research with only positive things to say about my experience. 

I want to thank BASIS Phoenix for giving me the opportunity to do this research, Mr. White for guiding me as my faculty advisor, and Mr. Dale Fox along with SRP for allowing me to use their resources. 

Throughout this research, I have learned that renewable energy is the best solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and there is always a way to save what we have done pollution wise. 

Renewable energy has many moving parts which involve my extensive research in lithium-ion batteries. I hope that my research in batteries and storage have shown people that we can harness renewable energy in more ways than one. 

Studying the different types of renewable energy, the challenges we face, the variety of storage options we have, and what the future might hold for us was an eye opening experience and I’m so lucky to be more knowledgeable in these topics. 

My final presentation is May 8th and I’m so excited to share all the other research I’ve done that has not been mentioned in my blog posts.

Thank you for following along these last 10 weeks!

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