Chapter 7: Day in the Life

Sreevarenya J -

Good Morning Everyone!

This week’s blog post is a day in the life of my work at Montessori. 

So I usually go in around 9:30-10 in the morning. Some days, I go to lower elementary to let them read to me. They like doing their reading activity for the day with someone else listening so I go help with that. 

Otherwise, in the morning I spend time with the toddlers. We usually do snack time and then sickle time, where they learn animals and shapes through songs that we play on the Bluetooth. Some days of the week we teach them affirmations, matching things, and other small exercises. 

Around 10:35 we transition to cleaning up and preparing to go outside to play. They get to go to the playground for around 45 minutes. During that time, I just make sure everyone is being safe and not hitting or tackling each other. 

Then around 11:30 the toddlers go back inside and I start watching the older kids on the Children’s House playground. I usually play dodge ball or capture the flag with these kids. At 12:15 I transition back inside with the Children’s house kids. They get 30 minutes for lunch and we have to make sure that they are not sharing or throwing food at each other. 

After that, the younger kids ( 3-4) year olds go to nap time. I mostly pat some kids on the back to go to sleep and then I will go help the older kids with their afternoon work cycle. This is usually helping them with math, cursive, or some creative activity that they get to pick. 

This work cycle lasts for about two hours and when we start cleaning up, the younger kids start waking up and everyone sits for the afternoon snack. There is a morning snack and afternoon snack which is provided by Montessori but the kids are required to bring their own lunch. 

After snack, they get to go play with some blocks or legos. This is to increase their tactile senses. Around this time parents start coming to pick their kids up and that is the end of my day. 

Occasionally, the admin needs help with office things so I sometimes go help with that. Once, I had to build a meet the staff board together for the front office. I got to learn printing ( from a big machine), laminating, and using a paper slicer. 

Well, thats a normal day for me!

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