Chapter 10: Recent Developments

Sreevarenya J -

Good Morning Everyone,

I just wanted to update everyone on some things that are going on with my research project.

Its almost time for me to present my research to Ms. Anderson for my AP Research final presentation which means we are almost done. In two weeks, on May 1st, I will be sending my final paper into college board!

For a small recap, I am comparing the risk of burnout in the nurses of two institutions that I worked with for my senior project. These are the clinic and the hospital.

The data I found indicated that there was a difference in burnout present in the hospital and clinic. This means in scientific terms ” we fail to reject the supposed hypothesis”.

Although my data suggests there is a difference in the burnout in individuals from the hospital versus the individuals from the clinic, to make sure that this difference was significant and not just potentially due to chance, t- tests were run for all data sets.

And the t tests found that, there was indeed a significance in all data sets except one, meaning that this difference could not be solely due to chance and that means there is something else going on.

So the t tests also failed to reject my hypothesis, which essentially means that this project was a success to an extent. There are many limitations that have to be addressed that may impact the validity of  this study, however, this add to the already existing literature on neonatal abstinence syndrome, burnout, and nurses.

Thank you!


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