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RQ: To what extent does a correlation exist between high schoolers’ likelihood of selecting ethically labeled food and their performance on a subsequent test on food sustainability practices?


Statistical analysis and other such things I’m considering for my presentation and essay:

Assumption of normality – address it? Briefly?
A normal distribution is one in which the values are evenly distributed both above and below the mean
a probability distribution that is symmetric about the mean, showing that data near the mean are more frequent in occurrence than data far from the mean.

Descriptive statistics
summarizes data using indexes such as mean and median and another is inferential statistics, which draws conclusions from data using statistical tests such as student’s t-test.
Measures of central tendency include the mean, median, and mode, while measures of variability include standard deviation, variance, minimum and maximum variables, kurtosis, and skewness.

Reliability: obv tests aren’t possible but I still need to describe that there is capacity to produce the same result for two identical states; or, more operationally, the closeness of the initial estimated value(s) to the subsequent estimated value(s)

For Pearson’s: both variables should be normally distributed (normally distributed variables have a bell-shaped curve
Linearity assumes a straight-line relationship between each of the two variables
homoscedasticity assumes that data is equally distributed about the regression line.

For non-parametric tests (which are experiments that do not require the underlying population for assumptions. It does not rely on any data referring to any particular parametric group of probability distributions): Kendall rank correlation or Spearman rank correlation

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